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video increases audience retention

Videos Boost Information Retention and Interaction

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there. Audiences are more likely to remember something they saw in a video rather something they read.

80% of people say they remember video ads better than they remember content in social media updates or blog posts. Our brains are hardwired to become more engaged in storytelling than straight facts. People are drawn to visual images more than they are written text. When a person is watching a video, they feel as though whatever they’re watching is actually happening; they’re not just reading about it after the fact. Video makes the message easier to remember.

audience remember prairie wave video

Businesses should include video marketing as part of any marketing strategy. Expensive still photos and text advertising is not worth the time, money, and effort when most people aren’t even going to remember the product or message. Instead, businesses could use a fraction of those resources and make a dynamite video users will love and remember thus benefiting the business. More people will walk through the door, real or virtual, and increase company profits, which is entirely the point of marketing.