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Mobile Video reaches audiences

Never Underestimate Mobile Video

The number of mobile users watching videos increase substantially every year. 90% of consumers state they watch videos using mobile technology, and YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% annually.

So, why are these stats so important for local businesses to know? Because it emphasizes the importance of investing in video marketing!

All forms of advertising which receive so many views increase the brand’s exposure to a much bigger audience which can increase sales opportunities. This is true for any business, but there’s another reason the popularity of video with mobile users is especially important for local businesses.

People Spend More Time On Mobile Devices then TV

When mobile users are out in the community, and searching the Internet for a product or service, there’s a good chance they will see a video posted by a local business right in the area. If the video convinces consumers to buy the specific product they were searching for, they will likely visit the business that posted the video. After all, the consumer is already in the area searching for that particular product.

Mobile Users Love Video

All Internet users love watching videos, but mobile Internet users really love videos. This is especially beneficial for local businesses within close reach of customers who are searching for them and watching the marketing videos. Every local business should be creating videos as part of their marketing strategy.