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How To Use Video to Increase Page Rank

Increasing page ranking may not be the main reason to use video marketing, but it’s certainly a very good one. Page ranking is where a website or webpage is located in a search engine when a user searches for a product, service, or brand name. Page ranking is important when it comes to online marketing because it means more exposure for the company. If the website shows up on the first page somewhere, more people are likely to see and click it. The higher the rank, the higher the website will appear. Incorporating video onto a website increases the ranking, especially on Google, the world’s biggest search engine.

How Video Increases Page Rank

Video increases your page ranking for a number of reasons:

  1. The consumer watching the video is more likely to remain on the website or webpage longer, and search engines take that into consideration when assigning a page rank.
  2. Videos can also run meta tags, titles, and descriptions in the background, which also pushes a page to a higher ranking in the search engines.
  3. Videos can also include links back to other web pages, which also increases page ranking.

These are all very good reasons to use video to increase a page ranking, but the biggest reason may be Google’s 2006 purchase of YouTube. People see and watch videos more than ever which means more people will see and watch your marketing video and want to learn about your company.