Everyone loves a great story.

We all have a least one great story to tell.

Video is a great way to share your story.

We use video production and marketing to help you connect.

Motion pictures offers you and your business endless possibilities for visual storytelling.

Prairie Wave provides video marketing and visual content creation for Regina Saskatchewan and beyond.

Utilize the power of video

Video is arguably the most powerful mode of marketing and communication today. It drives more engagement than any other form of content out there.

When a partnership between video marketing and storytelling is created, we have a potent means of delivering our ideas, products, and messages to our desired audience. Yet sometimes we don’t know how to express that story using motion pictures and get the results we want.

Prairie Wave Production has years of experience in visual storytelling and production services. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to tell great stories that resonate.

Three Key Components to Effective Video.

Video Strategy

The development of an effective video marketing strategy is needed long before the camera rolls.  Through a collaborative process, we craft a concise video strategy to ensure an engaging message that resonates with your target audience.  In doing so, we can find the best method and process for the creation of your visual story.

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Video Content & Concept
  • Campaign Planning
  • Target Audience Personia

Video Production

Video is a powerful and persuasive method to reach both the global and local villages in today's digital and online environments. Motion pictures can be highly entertaining and engaging while also being educational and informative.  Video surpasses other communication mediums as it captures and motivates an audience.  Prairie Wave's team is well versed in many different forms of video production and will create a compelling motion picture to meet your needs.

Small Business  Video - Social Media Advertisement - Live Streaming Video - Event Videography - Promotional Video - Corporate Video - Non-Profit Video - Documentary -Web Series - Construction Time-Lapse

Video Marketing & Distribution

Video marketing is the ability to get your video seen and your message heard by it's intended target audience.  In the world of online video and social media, there is endless opportunity to share your creation. Though in order to maximize a return on investment organizations need to understand and utilize the best channel for dissemination while continuing to optimize their video content.

  • Video Distribution
  • Video Advertising Campaigns
  •  Socail Media Video Ads
  •  Video Optimization
  •  Video Content RePurposing
  • Analytics and Insights

Our Story

Prairie Wave’s video producers and directors, marketing and new media gurus, creative and technical writers, and our post-production team are experienced and want you to succeed.

Our online services allow us to communicate and provide marketing services you from anywhere in the world. Though primarily, we have provided video productions services in Regina and all over Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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