Everyone loves a great story.

We all have a least one great story to tell,
yet sometime we need help understanding
our message and how to share it.

Video is a great way to share your story.

We use video production and marketing to help you connect.

We empower you to get the right message to your target audience.

How we do it.



Content Creation

Content Creation



Prairie Wave provides video production and  marketing plus visual content creation for Regina Saskatchewan and beyond.

Start Using Video

VIDEO IS Entertaining Marketing Educational Enjoyable Communication MobileEasy

Motion Pictures and New Media offers you and your organization endless possibilities for visual storytelling.

Utilize the power of Marketing

When a partnership between digital marketing and storytelling is created, we have a potent means of delivering our ideas, products, and messages to our desired audience.

Yet sometimes we don’t know how to express that story or message using new media and video and get the results we want.

Prairie Wave Production has years of experience in visual storytelling and production services.

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to tell great stories that resonate.

So What’s Next?

WE’RE READY! Let’s Chat.


Are you still feeling intimidated by the expanse of the internet? Developing content, creating videos, marketing your product, and distributing your message to your target audience doesn't have to be frightening.