Time-Lapse Video Production


Time-Lapse Video

Projects and paperwork are inseparable. Documentation of a project from inception to completion, while necessary, is often tedious and repetitive. 

Watch your project grow from the beginning as time-lapse video records your story.

Time-lapse video is engaging and could save you some time when documenting for the record, evidence, and prosperity.

Benefits of Time-Lapse Video

We offer you...

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Video documentation records every step of the building construction progress



With the addition of live video feed, both your clients and the public can view the construction process

Safeguard Your Site

Safeguard Your Site

Protect your investment by recording activities on the construction site

Marketing Video

Marketing Video

Use the footage to create impressive marketing videos which are an effective and engaging presentation of your company 

Sampling the Archives

Our multiple cameras captured and recorded construction of the FCC Agriculture Place. Watch as you travel through multiple months in three minutes.

Time-Lapse Video Project Archives

Take a look some of our time-lapse projects

Prairie Wave provides short-term, long-term, and multi-year time-lapse video options.

Options to suit your project needs

Full Service Options

Our full-service packages offer set-up, routine maintenance, and post-production services.


Our multi-camera recording technology supports a 360° view of the site from several different heights and angles

Solar Power

Our video technology offers a combination of power supplies, including solar panels, which allow for time-lapse cameras to be set up in the most remote locations.

24/7 Live Feed

24-hour connection allows you to check on the site at any hour from any location and records all activities

All options are available to be set up in populated or remote locations.

We also offer equipment rental for self-recording projects, separate post-production services, and product sales marketing.

Promotional Video

Post Production Services

Basic Time-Lapse Marketing Video

A professional video from the collection of images

Your company logo and a music soundtrack

Advance Time-Lapse Marketing Video

Virtual cameras & motion graphics used for advanced editing
to create a virtual 3D time-lapse of the building's construction

Animated company logo, contributor's logos and music soundtrack

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