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Storytelling Strategy

Start a Digital Fire

Storytelling is as old as time. A great tale requires a warm fire, compelling story elements, and a keen audience. There are many working parts in a well-told narrative, and these are just as important in the digital age..

Finish Before You Begin

Every project, no matter the size has its infancy, where ideas begin to take shape. This phase can be the hardest, yet requires the most diligent work. For it is in this phase that end product, the final look and feel is conceived. 

This part of a project can be the most frustrating and confusing. Where to begin? What will it look like? How long will it take? All important question, which Prairie Wave uses strategic planning and agile management to your company make the right decisions and layout a comprehensive strategy for digital success.

Persona Development
Social Media Strategy
Brand Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy

Art of visual Storytelling

Use a Visual Approach

There are many reasons to communicate a message and many ways to visually convey that information in an exciting and creative fashion. Each tale is different and requires a unique method of production. 

Video Production Services

Prairie Wave Productions provides video production services and content for the internet, DVD and theatrical release. We have experience in documentary, dramatic narrative, television, advertising, promotional and corporate video. Good film is more then knowing where to place the camera, it is a combinition of technical knowledge, creativity, story telling ability and a strong team that work well togethor.

Internet Video

Taking the digital camera, editing software and the internet to new levels to create fresh and exhilarating productions.

Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse videos are a great way to document the progress of a project. Time lapse photography enables us to take long periods time and shrink them into seconds or minutes.

Webcasting and Events Videography

High speed internet and increased bandwidth allows for people to remotely view special events via the internet.  We have technology and experience to quick and inexpensively set up a full live stream with mulple channels.

Post Production Services

The true art of cinema is the ability to weave diverse sounds and images into a seamless flow of information or narrative which entrances the audience. Prairie Wave Productions utilizes the latest digital editing equipment to create smooth and efficient finished pieces.

Prairie Wave Productions’s creative post productions team has had hundreds of hours in the editing suite. We have worked on feature length narrative films, commericial advertisig and documentares. Let our masterfull story tells weeve an interestinng and provokeaive narrative about your ideas.


Website Design and Development

Web sites are used for many different purposes and should be unique, yet all web sites have certain underlying qualities that remain similar no matter the page. They must convey an idea in a clear and precise manner that is easily understandable. They must be user-friendly in order to fulfill their intended purpose of communicating information. Functionality must meet aesthetic design. For these reasons, Prairie Wave Productions focuses on creating sites that merge user-friendliness with creative web design.


Be Seen & Heard

The key to effective video marketing is utilizing the right strategy and creative production to connect with the right audience. Prairie Wave will find the right channels for your message and help you develop a long-term distribution plan so that you can achieve your goals and see a quick return on your investment.

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