New Media

Consultation and Implementation

Current available software and online programs enable anyone to build a website with relative ease.  Anyone can copy and paste text and pictures on a page, but we at Prairie Wave Productions want you to have every advantage when advertising your products and services on the web.  We believe our experience in the areas of information architecture, search engine optimization and strong aesthetics will better serve your company in getting the attention it deserves.

Prairie Wave's talented and experienced design staff will work closely with you to develop a website that serves all your marketing needs.  We will consult with you to develop your ideas and then efficiently implement your plan to achieve a strong, dynamic online presence.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services:  New Media Development

Web sites are used for many different purposes and should be unique, yet all web sites have certain underlying qualities that remain similar no matter the page.  They must convey an idea in a clear and precise manner that is easily understandable.  Prairie Wave Productions focuses on creating sites that merge user-friendly functionality with creative web design aesthetics. Check out our previous work and contact us for your next website project!

Web Video Delivery: Streaming Video

The way in which we are able view movies and television has changed.  We are no longer constrained to certain times and places to watch our entertainment.  We can now watch videos on demand via computers, notebooks, smart-phones, and tablets – this is quickly becoming a primary method of viewing video. 

At Prairie Wave Productions we will collaborate with you to develop an online distribution strategy that will provide your target audience with the best viewing experience possible.

Tracking your video views
Content Delivery networks(CDN)
Live Event Streaming
Video Blogging
Pre-roll Advertising and Banners

Content Management

Content Management

We provide content management systems for our clients.  We will provide you with the information and tools you need to manage and update your website data.


Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Prairie Wave Productions implementation of cross-platform design allows users to view your webpage, live streaming video, panoramic virtual tour video, etc. on their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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